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Ramblings: Reader Reaction on Card Shops

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein answers an email about one of his recent columns that dealt with dealers and card shops finding ways to succeed.

Ramblings: Collecting Can Be an Important Outlet

Rich Ramblings 2014

News from real life has Rich thankful for the escape that the fun of collecting provides.

Rich’s Ramblings: In Defense of Store Owners

Inside Orlando Sportscards

Shop owners face tough opponents online and in big box stores but it doesn’t have to be a losing proposition.

Secret Santa Exchanges Close Out Ramblings’ Year of Giving, Receiving

Rich Holiday Ramblings

Rich Klein looks back at a busy year and reports on his Secret Santa exchanges that put a little gift giving fun into the holidays.

Ramblings: The Definition of Sports Card Box ‘Value’

Boxes of Sports Cards

Rich Klein’s thoughts on the concept of value in the current sports card box market.

Ramblings: Never a Dull Moment at Local Shows

Plano II show

$1 admission was too much for one collector, while one dealer has a lesson for others: promote yourself.

Buying Back Dad’s Cards: Connecting Generations

Buying Back Dads Cards

Rich Klein discusses a new book about a man who looks to buy back his childhood baseball cards and takes his son along on the journey.

Ramblings: Perfect 10 Baseball Set Possible With 1 Vintage Issue

1978 Topps vending box

All 726 cards graded ’10’? A daunting task but one set from the pre-1980 era proves it’s possible. Rich Klein has some reasons why.

Ramblings: Reader Reaction

letters emails

Rich Klein’s mailbag includes reaction to his columns on the 2016 National, an idea for card show reviews and cataloguing.

Ramblings: Shop Owners Hoping to Stay Above Holiday Product Avalanche

Exterior Nicks Sports Cards Dallas

For shop owners, keeping up with the mountain of fresh products as the year winds down is proving to be a challenge.

Ramblings: Don’t Kill Cataloguing

Brewers Police set

A couple of developments have made cataloguing many sports card sets a challenge, but Rich Klein tells us why it’s important to keep chronicling them all.

Ramblings: “Other Guy” on the Seaver Rookie Card Has Place in History

Tom Seaver rookie card

Rich Klein opines on the challenging 1967 Topps high numbers, including the Tom Seaver rookie card–or should we say the ‘Seaver-Denehy rookie card’?

Ramblings: Growing Shows Takes Time These Days

Plano II show

Before the internet, local shows were a hotbed of activity. Rich Klein says it’s hard work these days but with some common sense, it’s still possible to grow.

Ramblings: Can We Re-Think Atlantic City in 2016?

Atlantic City postcard

Recent developments and past history have Rich Klein wondering if the National might be better off elsewhere.

Ramblings: Answering the Mail and Thoughts on Flawless

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein answers his email, asks for some help and offers some insight on Panini’s Flawless errors and the subsequent reaction online.

Ramblings: Doc’s Birthday Recalls Days When Gooden Was Plenty Good

Doc Gooden 1984 Fleer Update rookie card

Rich Klein recalls the collecting frenzy over a can’t miss pitcher and his friend Darryl who missed the train to Cooperstown, but gained a measure of respect after all.

Ramblings: Show Report

sports card show Dallas

Rich’s latest on the efforts to promote local shows in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Ramblings: Secret Santa Anyone?

Christmas package

Rich is hoping you’ll consider doing something to make the holidays a little more fun.

Ramblings: Reader Reaction

Rich Ramblings 2014

Readers are writing about some of Rich’s recent columns…and he’s asking for your help in answering a couple of them.

Ramblings: Players Who Finally Showed Up in 1967 Topps Set

Maury Wills 1967 Topps

Rich Klein recalls the debut of some players who had been conspicuously absent from Topps cards–until 1967.