Baseball Card Exchange

Ramblings: Past Not Always Better

card show

The good old days of sports collecting were fun but Rich Klein says today’s collectors have it better in a lot of ways, too.

Ramblings: Show Notes


Rich Klein found a great autograph guest and is hoping it leads to others…and anyone for half day dealer rates? It’s all part of his show notes.

Ramblings: Producing Those Early Beckett Guides

Beckett Price Guide 4

Picking up some early Beckett price guide annuals has Rich Klein recalling times when not everything went perfectly.

Ramblings: Catching Up With Artist Monty Sheldon

2010 National Chicle Baseball cards

Rich Klein chats with the man who glides easily between creating sports art for card makers and hand-painting his famous Artballs.

Ramblings: Cards That Try to Pair Old Faces with New Places

Jerry Morales 1974 Topps

Rich Klein has a soft spot for old Topps cards that show players in their former team’s uniform.

Ramblings: Vintage Card Photo Shoots Tell Great Stories

Don Mincher 1970 Topps

The backgrounds of some older Topps cards are a sort of baseball travelogue.

Ramblings: Of Errors and Good Lessons


Rich says dad’s lessons about collecting, selling and how to approach things still ring true.

Ramblings: Creating Comprehensive Card Catalog Isn’t Easy


An imperfect science and a lot of cards to catalog is tough even for those who’ve been at it a while. Creating a database from scratch is even harder.

Ramblings: 50 Years of Super Bowl Starters Set Anyone?

Super Bowl 50

A conversation with a collector and his project has Rich Klein pondering the possibility of a card set tied to the 50th Super Bowl.

Ramblings: Concocted Card Tale Recalls Other Great Spoofs

Sidd Finch

A creative collector with too much time on his hands can be a dangerous thing, especially on this day.

Rich Klein: Ramblings on Razzes

Rich Ramblings 2014

Buying a chance to ‘win’ with no guarantee you’ll get anything seems like a gray area, at best. Rich Klein with some thoughts on sports card ‘razzes’.

NCAA Tournament Heroes Deserve Quick Card Commemoration

Ult. Rivalries Bird and Magic Auto

Rich Klein wishes some of those great moments in the NCAA Tournament could be quickly turned into trading cards and has a challenge for artists.

Ramblings: MJ’s Return 20 Years Later


Rich Klein goes back 20 years when Michael Jordan left baseball and returned to the hardwood, wearing a new number and gave an embattled hobby some hope.

Ramblings: Recalling Recalls

Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer Fuck Face

Recalling a product for a quality issue as Topps did last week with Tribute Baseball is a big deal, but not really a first.

Ramblings: 1970s Prove Prospecting Never a Sure Thing

Jack Clark rookie card

A player’s first few good seasons don’t always mean the Hall of Fame comes calling but Rich Klein isn’t ready to skip the fun of prospecting just yet.

Ramblings: COMC’s New Partnership


Rich Klein discusses a new deal between two of the hobby’s major online sellers of vintage sports cards.

Ramblings: When Gregg Jefferies Ruled

Greg Jefferies 1988 Score

Rich Klein recalls the explosive late 80s when a young Mets prospect was driving a crazy market.

Rich Klein: Volunteers Invaluable at Show


Rich Klein says his fundraising show was a success, thanks in large part to volunteers and donors.

Ramblings: On Deck in the Dallas Show Circuit

Volunteers and freebies

Dallas area collectors have more opportunities for show going than they’ve had in a while and Rich Klein’s non-profit event is next on the docket.

Ramblings: Preparation is a Positive

Strongsville show

For dealers, collectors and promoters, staying a step ahead is never bad advice.