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Ramblings Mailbag: The Readers Write

Rich Ramblings 2014

The email man was busy again this week and it’s time for Rich K to answer those loyal readers.

Ramblings: Fresh Take on Baseball Card Investing

Modern Baseball Card Investor

A new book puts a fresh spin on investing in baseball cards.

Ramblings: ’67 Topps Red Sox Recall Team’s Sudden Fortune Change

1967 Topps RedSox team

Forty-seven seasons later, 1967 Red Sox baseball cards are still in demand and that ‘Impossible Dream’ season plays out through Topps’ series.

Ramblings: Altered Reality of Jeter Rookie Cards

Derek Jeter Fantasy card 1993 Astros

What a Jeter rookie card might have looked like had he been picked by the Astros.

Ramblings: Boccabella, Coco, Rusty and The Rons: Remembering The 1969 Expos

Coco Laboy

Great nicknames, cool uniforms, a tiny ballpark, a bilingual franchise…it all adds up to great memories for those who remember the 1969 Montreal Expos.

Ramblings: Why Jim Brosnan is More Than Just a Common

1962 Post Jim Brosnan

He was a good pitcher but an even better writer. Rich Klein says Jim Bouton may be more famous but Jim Brosnan was the pioneer.

Ramblings: Recalling Pinnacle’s Efforts to Try Something Different

Cal Ripken Pinnacle Snapshots

Unusual pack configuration in a new product has Rich Klein recalling the 1990′s, when Pinnacle Brands was trying to earn space on crowded store shelves.

Ramblings: Missing Print, Autograph Windows and ‘Loaded’ Boxes

Masahiro Tanaka Topps missing front

Rich Klein answers the Ramblings mailbag, discusses one of those small autograph windows for a recently released card and chuckles over his ‘loaded’ boxes.

Ramblings: Thumbing Through a 30-Year-old Hobby Publication

BHN Sample

Rich Klein recalls the genesis behind those Baseball Hobby News samples and memories are flowing as he works through a 30-year-old issue.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Filling a Need is Just Part of Hobby’s Evolution

Rich Ramblings 2014

An autograph authenticator’s business grew from the lawless days of the 80′s.

Ramblings: Remembering When Pops Was Tops

Willie Stargell 1979 Topps

A monster home run 44 years ago this week and a special season eight years later are remembered as Rich Klein recalls some classic Willie Stargell baseball cards.

Ramblings: Recalling Hobby Frenzy After ‘The Sandberg Game’

1983 Topps Ryne Sandberg

The Sandberg Game in 1984? Let Uncle Rich Klein tell you all about it–and how Ryno’s stock rose in the hobby after he showed his stuff on ‘national TV’.

Ramblings: Baseball, Baseball Cards Always Changing

1968 Topps Gary Nolan

Rich Klein on avoiding your inner curmudgeon while still appreciating the past.

Ramblings: Your Letters… and Your Card Designs


Readers respond to Rich’s recent columns and offer up a couple of card designs for players who should have been in the 1982 Topps Traded set but weren’t.

Farewell Chuck Noll and Wish You’d Had More Cards

Chuck Noll Steelers autographed police issue card

Chuck Noll football cards in mainstream issues are few and far between but he’s not alone among NFL coaches in that regard.

Ramblings: Hobby-Centric Birthdays are the Best

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich revels in a baseball card birthday weekend and remembers a radio personality who was music’s version of the baseball card in the 1970s and 80s.

Rich’s Ramblings: Tony Gwynn a Friend to Collectors

Tony Gwynn rookie card

Rich Klein recalls when Tony Gwynn stepped in to help stop autograph forgers–and a baseball card commercial that showed us his sense of humor.

Ramblings: Really, 1982 Topps Traded Set? Steve Stroughter?

1982 Topps Traded Steve Stroughter

Rich wonders about the 1982 Topps Traded set which included an older, fringe prospect but not some future Hall of Famers. Can you create some ‘cards that never were’?

Ramblings: Williams Not Part of the Great Pre-War Rookie Card Debate


Trying to give players from long ago an ‘official’ rookie card is dicey business.

Bob Welch’s Strikeout of Reggie Pushed Pre-Price Guide Rookie Card

Bob Welch rookie card

Bob Welch’s duel with Reggie Jackson would have made his 1979 Topps card a star if monthly price guides had come a year earlier.