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Ramblings: Plano II Recap

Plano TX Card Show

Rich Klein has a recap of his second ‘put up or shut up’ local fundraising sports card show.

Ramblings: Answering the Mail

Van Lingle Mungo

Readers write about Van Lingle Mungo, the card shop that opted for vintage only, storage unit finds and the dilemma that is the old unopened box.

Ramblings: Almost Show Time

Plano Card Show

Plano II is almost here and Rich Klein chronicles the past, present and future of the show he launched near Dallas.

Ramblings: Great ‘Graphing at AA Games

Frisco RoughRiders Facebook page

Rich Klein says autograph collecting at the mid-level minors is great fun and you never know who’ll be there.

Ramblings: Storage Unit Stories

storage unit

A court battle over a storage unit supposedly full of sports memorabilia has Rich Klein recalling his brush with a mystery.

Ramblings: Show Admission

2012 NSCC show

Deciding what–if anything–to charge at the door is one of the dilemmas show promoters have long wrestled with.

Ramblings: Card Shop Owner Opts for Old vs. New

Vintage Baseball Cards

Rich Klein with some thoughts on a shop owner’s decision to stick to vintage.

Ramblings: Knowing Who Owned a Collection is Part of the Fun

Rich Ramblings 2014

Sets and cards that are part of hobby history or great collections shouldn’t be forgotten.

Ramblings: The Readers Respond

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein’s cyber mail bag is full again and he’s ready to grab the letter opener.

Ramblings: Buying at the Dip

Fred McGriff rookie

Rich Klein follows up his 1994 strike column with a recollection of the player it may have hurt the most and some advice for ‘buying at the dip’.

Impact of 1994 Baseball Strike Still Lingers

Upper Deck 1994 Baseball

20 years ago this week, an exciting season came to a halt and the fallout from the 1994 strike would impact the sports collecting industry for years to come.

Will Ruling Mean College Trading Cards Become an Industry?

Bowman Manziel

Rich Klein wonders if a court ruling that favors college athletes being compensated for the use of their images could lead to more college trading cards.

When Cleveland Embraced Another Young Football Star

1962 Topps Ernie Davis

His football card is among the most valuable in the 1962 Topps set, even though Ernie Davis never played a game.

Ramblings: Are Sets the Next Group Break Idea?

Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps PSA 8

Case breaks and box breaks are fine but Rich Klein says the same concept applied to complete sets might be popular.

Ramblings: Interest in Shows a Positive Sign?

Vintage Baseball Cards

Rich Klein is wondering whether the increased number of Dallas area shows might be a good sign for the hobby as a whole.

Cleveland National Recalls Super Joe

Joe Charboneau Hometown Heroes

Johnny Football? LeBron Who? Rich Klein recalls Cleveland’s 1980 super rookie, Joe Charboneau.

Ramblings: Turning Wax Into Common Cash

Plano Card Show

Rich K recalls when it was possible to break just about any box, sell singles and earn a profit.

Ramblings: Hunt for Bigfoot Always Fun

Joe Doyle T206 error card

Rich Klein recalls some rumored variation cards that came to fruition and others that never got fixed.

Ramblings: Buying and Selling Philosophies Elicit Comments

Rich Ramblings 2014

Is pricing cards a pain? Have alternate payment methods? Why do some shop owners cop an attitude over retail? Rich is wondering and wants your comments.

Ramblings: A Little Selling, a Lot of Promoting

Plano Card Show

Rich Klein takes a turn behind a table at a Texas card show, visits a couple of local shops and has some news about Plano II.