Mile High Card Co.

Ramblings: When Gregg Jefferies Ruled

Greg Jefferies 1988 Score

Rich Klein recalls the explosive late 80s when a young Mets prospect was driving a crazy market.

Rich Klein: Volunteers Invaluable at Show


Rich Klein says his fundraising show was a success, thanks in large part to volunteers and donors.

Ramblings: On Deck in the Dallas Show Circuit

Volunteers and freebies

Dallas area collectors have more opportunities for show going than they’ve had in a while and Rich Klein’s non-profit event is next on the docket.

Ramblings: Preparation is a Positive

Strongsville show

For dealers, collectors and promoters, staying a step ahead is never bad advice.

Ramblings: Finding a Show Guest

Lindy McDaniel

Finding an autograph guest for your card show sometimes just means a little legwork and a little knowledge of players who might have an interesting story.

Ramblings: Quarter Boxes, Dealers and Promoters

sports card boxes

Rich has some thoughts on a dealer’s complaint that allowing dealers with rows of nothing but cheap single cards is a bad idea.

Ramblings: Reader Question About Starting a Card Show

Plano Card Show

Rich answers a potential show promoter’s question about how to get a new event off the ground.

Ramblings: Shows and Stories

Southfork Hotel

A winter afternoon was perfect for some selling, some storytelling and some insight on making small shows a success.

Ramblings: Stamped Buybacks, Autographs and Other Heritage Thoughts

Stamped buyback Topps 2014 Heritage 1965 Topps

Rich Klein is fine with stamped buyback cards. He also wonders if Topps will do anything to mimic famous mistakes in the 1966 set with this year’s Heritage.

Ramblings: Fun Baseball Cards You May Have Never Noticed

David Parrish 2001 Topps Heritage

A look back at some baseball cards that showcase a sense of humor–and a sense of history.

Ramblings: One-Off Sets Not Always Duds

SSPC George Brett-Al Cowens

From 1963 Fleer to 1992 AW Football, those one and done card major sports card sets provide a fun trip into hobby history.

Ramblings: Busted Prospects, Part Deux

2001 Fleer Platinum Mark Prior

Their futures seemed rock solid but Hall of Fame careers were not in the cards for these late 1980s and early 90s phenoms.

Ramblings: Answering the Mail

Nolan Ryan autographed 2012 Topps Marquee

Some recent columns produced reader feedback and Rich is sharing the questions and his responses.

Ramblings: Some Pro Set Prototypes are Among 1990s Rarities

1991 Pro Set Michael Jordan Prototype

A Pro Set Michael Jordan card? It happened–but just as a prototype. Rich Klein looks at a piece of hobby history–and two other interesting Pro Set issues.

Ramblings: Fun With Busted Prospects

1989 Bowman Ricky Jordan

Rich Klein looks back at cards of players who were among the hottest of the late 1980s and early 90s but never became the stars some collectors envisioned.

Ramblings: Grab Bags and Games of Chance

grab bag

Seven come eleven. Rich Klein recalls the days when grab bags and games of chance were a part of baseball card shows.

Ramblings: Imagining the Hobby Without the Internet

Rich Ramblings 2014

What the hobby might be like if the internet wasn’t here yet…and a strange redemption from Topps hits Rich’s mailbox.

Ramblings: Free Autograph Guest Sends ’em Home Happy

Lindy McDaniel

Collectors were able to snare a free autograph from a 20-year big leaguer and Rich Klein also says collectors help dealers who help themselves by promoting.

Ramblings: PA Shop Owner Still Going After 24 Years

Warren Wolk

Rich Klein catches up with Warren Wolk, whose All-Star Collectibles is a long-running hobby success story–but it’s not all they sell.

Recalling The Hottest Players, Products of 1990

1990 Upper Deck Ben McDonald error

As a new year gets going, Rich Klein is recalling what was hot in the hobby 25 winters ago.