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Ramblings: NSCC Follow Up

NSCC entrance

Rich follows up his column about show cities for the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Ramblings: Baseball Card Stories, 1969 Topps Edition

1969 Topps wrapper

From guys who couldn’t get off a Rookie Stars card to a manager depicted by a cartoon firing, the 1969 Topps set has the quirks Rich loves to highlight.

Ramblings: Where to Hold the National

IX Center 2014 sports card show

The past, present and future of the National Sports Collectors Convention always includes discussion of show sites but it’s not as easy as it seems.

1964 Topps Rookie Stars Full of Fun, Flubs, Future

Archie Skeen 1964 Topps

From a guy who became more famous after baseball to a rookie card of a retired guy, the 1964 Topps Rookie Stars subset is one for the book.

Ramblings: Commons or Stars, Each Card Tells a Story

John Boccabella 1970 topps

Baseball cards are great for bringing up memories but not every guy who gets into a game winds up getting one.

Ramblings: Finding the Right Auction Starting Point

auction gavel

Rich Klein discusses the ongoing dilemma of setting the right auction minimums.

Ramblings: Pricing and The Cost of Doing Business

Ozzie Smith signing autographs

Rich Klein discusses tiered pricing for autographed items, the cost of getting an athlete’s name on an item and margins for card shops and other dealers.

Ramblings: Why Golf’s New Star Needs More Cards

Jordan Spieth SI for Kids card

American golf may have a new Tiger, but Jordan Spieth trading cards are virtually non-existent.

Ramblings: Autograph Price Points

Larry Walker autographed card 2012 Panini

Understanding the cost of an autograph is important whether you’re a collector, show promoter or card company brand manager.

Ramblings: Tiger’s Troubles Reveal Perils of Buying Current Athletes

Tiger Woods auto SP Game Used golf

Once among the hottest names in the hobby, Tiger Woods’ poor play has chased away investors and brought prices down. But what about the long-term?

Ramblings: Mistakes, I’ve Made a Few

2011 Topps Update Mike Trout

Impatience is often at the heart of poor decisions when it comes to selling cards. But too much patience isn’t good either.

Ramblings: Year of the Rookie Card

Kris Bryant rookie card 2015 Topps

Rich Klein says young players are giving a jolt to in season releases and validating an MLB-MLBPA decision.

Ramblings: Why a Sport Rules a City and its Collectors

1962 Houston Colt 45s tickeet

Why do some cities have a bigger collector base than others? Rich Klein says some of it has to do with the history of its pro sports teams.

Ramblings: Show Notes and Successful Dealers

Cowboys police set Doug Donley

A weekend show has Rich recalling some tips from successful dealers and shop owners.

Ramblings: Draft, Prospecting Always a Crapshoot

Tom Qualters 1954 Topps

This week’s MLB Draft will provide another exercise in predicting the future, something teams, card companies and collectors have been doing for a long time.

Ramblings: The Redemption Edition

2012 Bowman Josh Hamilton

Rich Klein was there when Josh Hamilton capped a big week that proves once again sports are often about redemption.

Ramblings: Fun to See 80s, 90s Youth Return


Those who aren’t concerned with the value of what they bought back in the day are coming back to the hobby for how it makes them feel.

Ramblings: No Substitute for In Person Communication

baseball card show Craig Ranch TX

The show and shop experience is still valuable in today’s collecting world.

Ramblings: Yaz as Don Mincher and Other Unexpected Cameos

Don Mincher 1970 Topps Poster

A Hall of Famer’s guest shot on a 1970 Topps poster is just one of the interesting cameo appearances Rich Klein is discussing.

Ramblings: Cameo Card Appearances and Show Notes

Rams Joe Namath

Rich Klein recalls some players who left teams they’d been associated with for years and whether the cameo turned into cardboard commemoration.