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Ramblings: Double Shot of Card Show in Dallas

Brown Hindu Clark Griffith

Two days, two small shows but some excellent adventures for Rich K along with an encouraging sign for the hobby as a whole.

Ramblings: Hobby’s Year of Change Recalled

Beckett Price Guide 1

You may point to 1981 or ’89 but for Rich Klein, 1979 is when the hobby began to grow up.

Rich Klein: Support for Base Cards, a Thief, Show Update, APB

base cards

Rich Klein examines reader reaction to his post backing base cards, wary card shop owners in Dallas, a Plano show update and more in his latest Ramblings.

Ramblings: The Base Card Conundrum

base cards

They multiply like rabbits if you open a lot of sports card products and there are different sides to the equation of whether they’re worth anything.

Rich’s Ramblings: When Hobby News Was More Innocent

Bump Wills 1979 Blue Jays variation

The latest legal wranglings and FBI involvement has Rich Klein recalling the days when mysterious test sets and a Topps goof were the biggest hobby stories.

Ramblings: Behind the Table at the Dallas Card Show

Yepremian Score Follies

Competition aside, it was a good day for the Dallas Card Show and Rich Klein was picking up a lot that included some slightly mysterious old football cards.

Ramblings: Demand, Perception Determine Card Values More Than Price Guides

2001 Upper Deck Game Bat Edition

Collectors claiming price guides aren’t listing sports card values as high as they should be isn’t new. And Rich Klein says the price of the box doesn’t matter.

Rich’s Ramblings: Unopened Packs and Card Show Wars Just Part of Hobby’s Always Interesting Stories

1960 Topps baseball pack

Rich Klein recalls opening packs from the Paris, TN find, a long-ago war between card show promoters, distribution of 1972 Topps football high numbers and more.

Ramblings: A Look at What Was Being Sold 27 Years Ago

SCD cover

Rich Klein pages through a mammoth 1987 issue of Sports Collectors Digest for a glimpse of what was being sold at a much different time in the hobby.

Rich Klein: Vintage Card Distribution Mysteries

1962 Topps Green Tint Sammy Drake

Rich Klein is challenging age old notions about distribution through the likes of 1958 Topps, 1962 Green Tints and others. Oh yeah…and remembering Choo Choo Coleman.

Rich’s Ramblings: Show Work Must Go On

Richs Ramblings

Rich continues to take us along for the promotional ride as a new little show takes place in the Dallas area.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Sorting to a Science

Baseball card lot mixed years

Is spending hour upon hour sorting and organizing cards worth it in the end? If you’re a company that’s carved a niche for dealing with the volume end of things, the answer is yes.

Ramblings: Glimpses Back in Time, PSA & COMC, Researcher’s Life

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein with some notes and thoughts on progress, PSA’s business, COMC’s changes and a statistician who left behind quite a legacy for fans and collectors.

Rich’s Ramblings: Projecting Hall of Famers Has Never Been Easy

1972 Topps Carlton Fisk

Rich Klein goes back to the 1970′s to look at some of the key rookie cards, some of whom didn’t start out that way.

Rich Klein: The Long Running Saga of Tough and Easy

1960 Topps Georges Maranda

Knowing your cards means knowing which ones are in shorter supply than others. Rich Klein has some interesting information about card distribution back in the day.

Ramblings: Sports Memories Are What It’s All About

Richs Ramblings

When he’s had the chance to go places few fans ever do, Rich Klein has made sure to soak up the moment.

Rich Klein: When it Comes to Pricing, Nothing’s Exact

1967 Topps

A lesson learned from a radio talk show host can be applied to pricing baseball cards as a big hobby outlet decides how to put values on them.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: What’s Next for COMC?


A partnership with Beckett dissolves. Could it open the door for another company with pricing info?

Rich Klein: Milquetoast Ramblings …and Rookie Card Labels

Pat Riley Jack in the Box

A fraudster calling him a fraudster? Klein says that’s rich. He’s also got some recollections about rookie card labels and a #1 song produced by a collector.

COMC Challenge: 1951 Burger Beer Cincinnati Reds

1951 Burger Beer Roy McMillan Reds

A winner in the last COMC Challenge and a new contest which might be the beginnings of a 1951 Burger Beer Cincinnati Reds checklist. Can you find others besides this one?