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COMC Challenge: 1999 Topps Crystal


The Challenge returns with a 15-year-old mystery card issue in the spotlight. Help with a checklist for 1999 Topps Crystal,

COMC Challenge: 1951 Burger Beer Cincinnati Reds

1951 Burger Beer Roy McMillan Reds

A winner in the last COMC Challenge and a new contest which might be the beginnings of a 1951 Burger Beer Cincinnati Reds checklist. Can you find others besides this one?

COMC Challenge: Checklist for This Set of Negro Leaguers

Bose Biddle

The COMC Challenge returns as we hunt for a complete checklist for a modern era set of Negro League Players including Dennis ‘Bose’ Biddle.

COMC Challenge: White/Silver Variations in 1994 Collectors Choice

Collectors Choice color variation

1994 Collectors Choice Future Foundations cards include a subtle variation. Can you verify that those COMC is looking for actually exist?

COMC Challenge: 1997 Topps Mint

Greg Maddux Topps Mint

The cards aren’t that old but 1997 Topps Mint seems to be a bit of a mystery and you could win some COMC History Points if you can help with a checklist.

COMC Challenge: Sweet Caporal Doesn’t Always Mean Baseball Cards

COMC Challenge

The latest COMC Challenge will sent you back to the 19th century to either resurrect a web page for the Sweet Caporal Acttresses set or locate a checklist.

COMC Challenge: Can You ID One of the Other Cards From This Jumbo Retail Set?


It’s COMC Challenge #2 and your chance to win some History Points from COMC. No, this isn’t a regular issue Topps card. It’s part of a special three-card set and Rich Klein wants to complete the checklist.

Launch of The COMC Challenge: Help Complete Checklists

COMC Challenge

We launch a new feature and contest in partnership with as Rich Klein seeks to uncover complete checklists of some elusive sets.