Ramblings: Dreaming of the Cards That Might Have Been

Ernie Banks Topps photo negative 1972

Why is there no 1968 Topps Reggie Jackson? Rich Klein discusses players and big moments that would have filled a void in our card collecting past.

Brief and Buh-Bye: Baseball Cards of Aquisitions Who Didn’t Pay Dividends


Rich Klein chronicles players who were acquired by a team with high hope, given a card and then quickly moved on.

Ramblings: Mistaken Identity on Sports Cards

Jerry Snyder auto

Rich Klein runs down a few sports card photo blunders; some you’ve probably heard of and others you haven’t.

Ramblings: Answering Your E-Mails

Rich Ramblings 2014

From 1960s All-Star mysteries to the vintage card market to Jordan Spieth, readers offer Rich their two cents on his recent columns.

Ramblings: Mantle’s Youth Lives on Through Cardboard

Yankee Stadium Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle left us 20 years ago this month. Rich Klein recalls getting a chance to see him play during his final season, bringing his cards to life.

Ramblings: A Few Stories from Recent Show Travels

Ty Cobb 1907 Dietsche postcard

Whether it’s the National, flying home from the National or doing a local show, Rich Klein always finds a chuckle or two.

Ramblings: Reality Tie Makes Our Hobby Stand Out

1989 Topps Update Griffey-Johnson

Rich K says the business may have contracted but the “living hobby” aspect of 25 years ago remains the same.

Ramblings: Early 1960s Topps All-Star Mysteries

Rocky Colavito 1962 Topps All-Stars card

Rich Klein delves into a few questions about All-Star selections in Topps cards from over 50 years ago.

Ramblings: Cards and Broadcasts Connect Us to Baseball’s Past


Baseball cards and long-lost broadcasts help bring the past back to life.

Ramblings: Fun With 1962 Topps Card Backs


The cartoons and the copy make for a fun ride through the backs of the 1962 Topps Baseball cards.

Ramblings: Gifford Was More Than Monday Night

Frank Gifford 1952 Bowman Large

Frank Gifford was skilled enough to carve out two long careers, appearing in card sets as a player and a play-by-play announcer.

Ramblings: My National Experience

sports card show

Rich Klein wandered the floor of the National, catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones while sizing up the crowd and looking ahead to 2016.

Ramblings: No Shortage of New Chicago Sports Stars

Kris Bryant 2015 Topps Update base rookie card

Rich Klein says the National should be fertile ground for the new generation of stars, finally a match for Chicago star combos of the past.

Ramblings: My National Journey Resumes

vintage sports cards

National Eve has Rich Klein recalling the past and looking forward to his 2015 experience.

Ramblings: Stories Inside The 1970s Multi-Player Rookie Cards

1973 Topps 603

Rich Klein is your guide on another fun tour of stories behind the 1970s Topps multi-player rookie cards.

Ramblings: National Promos Good for Business

Ted Williams promo card 2015 Topps NSCC

Whether it’s a contest, free cards or free coffee, there’s nothing wrong with enticing business at the National, your local show or even your shop.

Ramblings: Starting a Show? Don’t Forget the Basics


Rich Klein shares a little of what he’s learned after a couple of years in the local card show promotion game.

Ramblings: Bo and Bouton Part of 1960s Multi-Player Rookie Card Tales

Jim Bouton-Bo Belinksy-1962 Topps Rookie Parade

Sometimes a baseball card holds two great stories.

Ramblings: NSCC Follow Up

NSCC entrance

Rich follows up his column about show cities for the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Ramblings: Baseball Card Stories, 1969 Topps Edition

1969 Topps wrapper

From guys who couldn’t get off a Rookie Stars card to a manager depicted by a cartoon firing, the 1969 Topps set has the quirks Rich loves to highlight.