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Ramblings: Comprehensive Book on Food Issue Cards at a Standstill

Mickey Mantle 1954 Dan Dee

A collector’s attempt to get a book publisher interested in his research on famous and obscure food issues has come up empty…so far.

Ramblings: Players Changing Teams Sometimes Created Really Bad Cards

1973 Johnny Ellis

When players changed teams prior to free agency, Topps tried to reflect the move on a player’s card. It sometimes did not go well.

Ramblings: The Readers Write

Rich Ramblings 2014

Reaction to some recent stories including early serial numbered cards, Score and Pro Set football changing the game a bit and athletes who pass away while active.

Ramblings: Rare Autographs on Cards Sometimes Result from Sudden Death

Joe DeSa 1986

Sometimes there just isn’t time for an athlete who appears on a trading card or magazine to sign that item before they pass on.

Ramblings: Show Trip Reveals a Couple of Great Stories

1966 Cardinals rookie stars

Rich Klein hits a big area show and learns one reason why one of the 1966 Topps high numbers is so scarce: the player pictured owns a lot of them.

Ramblings: Show Report and Plano II Confirmed

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein sets up at a combination toy and sports card show while making plans for his second fundraising show later this summer.

1990′s Football Card Brands Include Some One-Hit Wonders

Belechick rookie

It was raining football cards in the early 1990s. Rich Klein remembers some of the brands that flooded the market–and then floated away.

Ramblings: Mid-1990′s Marked Sea Change in Low Print Runs

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein remembers when 5,000 was considered a ‘low print run’. So what happened?

Ramblings: Looking for Some Fresh Cards That Never Were

1952 Topps DiMaggio Chrome

Ever create a card that should have been made but wasn’t? See one online? Rich Klein wants to know about it.

Ramblings: COMC Hoping You Can Help Build Card Database


Rich Klein says after a split with Beckett, COMC is asking users to help build a sports card database by spending a few minutes looking at cards and typing in information.

Ramblings: Old Publication Reveals Topps’ Player Selection Rationale

1973 Topps box

Rich Klein goes back 41 years to an interview in which Topps shed some light on who made the cut for their annual baseball card sets.

Rich Klein: Stadium Club, Topps Tek Make Return As Redemption Issues Drag On

2000 Topps Tek Derek Jeter

Topps confirms it’s bringing back Stadium Club and Tek. Rich Klein has thoughts on that along with the business of licensing and redemption cards as the Industry Summit continues in Las Vegas.

Ramblings: Collecting’s Best Feature? Broad Age Appeal

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein says demographics don’t matter in collecting where past meets present–as long as you’ll let it.

Ramblings: Options a Good Thing When it’s Time to Sell

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein meets with an on again, off again collector and recalls how few options were once available to for folks who had cards to sell.

Rich’s Ramblings: The Show Review Edition

Plano Card Show

After months of preparation and thanks to some helping hands, Rich Klein says the new charity card show he promoted in the Dallas suburbs went well.

Ramblings: Bobo Newsom’s Amazing Run

Bobo Newsom 1953 Topps

Rich Klein is rambling about a pitcher who faced Babe Ruth and stuck around long enough to be in the 1953 Topps set. He’s also got some ‘quick hits’.

Rich’s Ramblings: A Waiting List for Dealer Tables? Yup

Card show Craig Ranch

The show Rich Klein has been putting together in Texas is about to launch, with a strong dealer turnout, plenty of freebies and fingers crossed for a crowd.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Recalling the Strike of ’94, Turkey Red Base Sets and When SI Sold Issue #1 for a Song

Sports Illustrated 1954 baseball card insert

Rich Klein is rambling about the 1994 baseball strike, the Turkey Red base set, an upcoming hobby book by an old friend, and when one dealer found Sports Illustrated selling its first issue dirt cheap.

Ramblings: Readers Recall Brushes With 1969 Topps White Letters, Other Scarcities

1969 Topps Mickey Mantle white letters

Readers recall the 1969 Topps white letter variations and one recalls passing up a chance to order FIVE 1952 Topps Mantles.

Rich’s Ramblings: Hobby Companies Come Through for New Show

Card show Craig Ranch

Rich Klein says the show in Plano is a go and sports collecting companies are stepping up to help. Beckett will even be there to take grading submissions.