Rich Klein’s Ramblings

Hobby veteran Rich Klein’s musing on sports collecting past and present.

Ramblings: Stories Told on Cardboard

A trade, a chat, a visit to social media and a player’s death conjure up all sorts of cardboard recollections.

Ramblings: Holiday Show and a Question

A post-Christmas show report and a chat with a customer leads to a ramble down junk wax lane.

Ramblings: Guides and Checklists Brought Order to Chaos

A recent political comment has Rich recalling another slogan that helped change the hobby for the better.

Ramblings: The Pure Fun of Packs

Helping another collector’s unique quest puts packs in Rich’s pocket–and he’s always OK with that.

Ramblings: Few 70s Teams Resonate More Than Big Red Machine

Decades have gone by but to collectors, the Big Red Machine remains the 1970s gold standard.

Ramblings: Hobby Through the Eyes of the 1995 All-Star Game

Rich recalls a hot night in 1995 when the Baseball All-Star Game came to town and what the hobby was like that summer.

Ramblings: O-Pee-Chee and Free Agency in the 70s

Free agency and the arrival of a new Canadian big league team made it look quite a bit different than its Topps counterpart.

Ramblings: Design Matters in Marketing or Collecting

A lesson for card manufacturers and designers based, in part, on past history.

Ramblings: Remembering Mike Berkus

Rich Klein recalls the man who was able to reach across all segments of the hobby while running the hobby’s largest show.

Ramblings: Moon Shots and Nickname Confusion

A couple of autograph guests help send a show venue out with a bang and a table conversation leads Rich to ponder Topps’ use of player nicknames.

Ramblings: Putting the Hobby in the Holidays

Whether you’re a collector, shop owner or show promoter, Rich Klein shares some ideas for putting some fun into the holiday season.

Ramblings: Tips for First Time Show Dealers

If you’ve never set up at a sports card show–or it’s been awhile–Rich Klein shares a few hints for making it worth your time and effort.

Ramblings: Recalling the Show Vibe of 25 Years Ago

Rich Klein recalls the difference in dealers and sports card shows as they were back in 1990.

Ramblings: Garfield Show Still a Hobby Favorite

Rich Klein says it’s camaraderie that keeps one of his favorite old shows humming every two weeks.

Ramblings: Show Promotion Always a Learning Experience

Rich Klein says dealing with cancellations and leveraging the promotional capabilities of larger entities are just part of the job of promoting card shows.

Ramblings: Collecting Athletes as Entertainers

Sometimes your sports cards feature players who also enjoyed acting, singing and even playing the organ.

Ramblings: To Deal or Not to Deal

Becoming a part-time show dealer involves deciding what your ultimate goal really is and what to sell.

Ramblings: Bulk Selling Follow-Up

Moving big collections or accumulations of cards can be tricky.

Ramblings: Pondering Methods for Selling in Bulk

What’s the best way to move a mountain of monster boxes, sorted by player? Rich Klein ponders some options and asks for your ideas.

Ramblings: Remembering The Fridge 30 Years Later

He was the toast of the NFL–and popular culture 30 years ago–but if you wanted a football card of Refrigerator Perry, you had to live in Chicago.