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Retrieving Cards Stolen By Postal Worker Was Long Process

The victim of a $68,000 theft by a Massachusetts postal worker has two of his cards back and hopes to recover more after her recent guilty plea.

1933 DeLong Cards Were A One-Year Wonder

Limited to just two dozen stars of the day with a unique design, the 1933 DeLong cards stand out–even if they couldn’t land The Babe.

Cardboard Spring: 2016 Topps Baseball Rolls Out

It’s time for 2016 Topps Baseball. Get a look at what’s inside this year’s Series 1 boxes, a checklist and more as the new cards arrive.

US Attorneys: Allen’s Conduct “Reckless and Obstructive”

The government is seeking a 57-month sentence for former Mastro Auctions President Doug Allen over shill bids and putting FBI agents at potential risk.

2016 Topps Tier One Baseball Preview

A sneak peek at the May release of 2016 Topps Tier One, including…pens used by players to sign the autographs in the product.

Ex-Postal Worker Pleads Guilty in $68,000 Sports Card Theft

A postal clerk ripped into a package containing 23 valuable sports cards, hoping to sell them and split the proceeds with her sister.

Maryland Man Admits to $2.5 Million Fake Autograph Scheme

A five-year online scam unraveled when investigators say they caught Josh Shores selling cheap counterfeit jerseys made in China–with phony autographs.

Allen Attorneys Ask Judge for Leniency

Lawyers for former Mastro Auctions executive Doug Allen hope to convince a federal judge to turn away a prosecution proposal of 57 months in prison.

Wade Boggs Collector: 20 Years and Counting

John Reichard gave up sets to focus on one player. Now, this Wade Boggs collector is building a master checklist–and his own shrine to the Hall of Famer.

1975-76 Topps Basketball Bulked Up Ahead of Merger

The last ABA cards, 36-pack boxes and a team photo taken at the airport. Forty years on, a look at the ups and downs of the 1975-76 Topps Basketball set.

PSA 9 1954 Topps Hank Aaron Sells for $192,547

A mint Hank Aaron rookie card tripled the previous record price, but that wasn’t the only big number laid down in Mile High Card Company’s winter auction.

Police Hunt Thieves Who Looted SoCal Man’s Collections

California dealer/collector Don Del Mazzio returned home from a family wedding to find his home ransacked and thousands of cards and collectibles missing.

Upper Deck’s New $15,000 Box of Cards

2015 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Master Collection actually comes in “rich mahogany”. Find out what else 200 box owners will get for their money.

Hundreds of Game-Worn NBA, NHL Jerseys Stolen from MeiGray Offices

MeiGray is hoping alert collectors, dealers and others will help them track down game-worn jerseys worth well into six figures that were taken in a burglary.

Researcher Sheds Light on Tobacco Cards in Old Photos

Some phenomenal research has finally offered insight into the century-old baseball cards visible in the backs of some photos from the Library of Congress.

California Rep’s Bill Focused on Bogus Autographs

A California assemblywoman has introduced state legislation she hopes will help combat fake autographs…and Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is lending a hand.

Mantle Cards Crush Records in MLI Auction

The Mickey Mantle market continues to sizzle with the finest basic set of his cards on PSA’s registry selling for more than $750,000 at Memory Lane.

Weekend Notes: Red Sox Fan Can’t Stomach Valuable Yankee Ball

The humorous travels of a valuable signed baseball–and a wedding ring; an update on a case filed against Eli Manning and the Giants… and Ernie Banks memorabilia on display.

College Football Preservation Project’s Massive Library Now for Sale

As college football crowns its latest champion, perhaps the most complete library of publications, books and memorabilia covering the game’s history is now for sale.

Editor’s Blog: Focus on Griffey Jr a Huge Opportunity for Hobby

Ken Griffey Junior’s Hall of Fame election put card collecting back in the spotlight, offering a major opportunity for dealers and others to grow their business.