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Aaron Rodgers Cards Continue Growth

They remain among the NFL gold standard and competition for Aaron Rodgers cards is strong as he continues a Hall of Fame type career.

Flashback: Topps Had Lots of Unsold 1957-58 Basketball

A newspaper article reveals some interesting facts about collectors and the hobby as they were 54 years ago.

Review: New Standard Catalog Is Eclectic And Thorough

The just-released fifth edition of the “Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards” remains a sturdy reference guide for collectors. Packed into 696 pages are more than 250,000 values for cards issued between 1863 and 1980, with most broken down into three conditions (near mint, excellent and very good). In the book, cards are organized alphabetically […]

Hockey Cards at Tim Hortons: Upper Deck Makes Set for Coffee Chain

Upper Deck has partnered with Tim Hortons for a hockey card and contest promotion that will put three-card packs next to the coffee and donuts and offer big -time prizes.

Ranking the Population of Early Mantle Cards

Our infographic puts the population of graded early Mickey Mantle cards in focus.

10 Ways to Make More Money with eBay Listings

10 tips for making more money selling your sports collectibles–or anything else–during eBay’s current listing special.

Hottest Mike Trout Cards on eBay

An All-Star MVP at 22? That’s rare air. We’ve got a live look at the hottest Mike Trout cards on the open market right now.

Happy Anniversary: 1965 Bazooka Baseball Cards

Fifty years after its release, our Vintage Set of the Week is 1965 Bazooka Baseball, which brought back the usual Hall of Famers and mixed in some newcomers.

Your Unwanted Sports Cards Can Help Inner City Kids

A music teacher at a Florida school uses sports cards as an incentive for students to work hard and display good citizenship.

Robin Yount Rookie Card Turns 40 as ‘Kid’ Turns 60

The Robin Yount rookie card may not be the most valuable in the 1975 set, but it’s the toughest of the premier first year players to find in high grade.

1971 Kellogg’s Baseball Cards Were a Breakfast Bonus

The 1971 Kellogg’s 3-D baseball cards are the toughest of all of the company’s sets and completing one without imperfections is a tall order.

1960 Fleer Football Cards Helped Launch AFL

Fifty-five years ago Wednesday, the AFL kicked off with the 1960 Fleer Football set hoping to lure young eyes to the new league.

1956 Topps Football Was Beginning Of An Era

Fresh from buying out its top competitor, Topps entered the NFL marked by unveiling its landmark 1956 football set.

Long-Running PA Shop Selling Out

Having opened in the 1980s and actively involved in the hobby for about 40 years, Bill Shaffer says it’s time to give up his store.

Do U.S. Mint Baseball Coins Belong in Your Collection?

Learn more about U.S. Mint baseball coins and how legal tender half dollars and silver dollars issued by the mint have commemorated our national pastime.

Mitch Williams Selling Items from 1993 World Series Walk-Off

The jersey, cleats and glove worn by Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams when he surrendered Joe Carter’s 1993 World Series homer are on the auction block.

2015 Bowman Chrome Baseball Rolls Out

Freshly minted 2015 Bowman Chrome Baseball will include Superfractors That Never Were, the return of Hot Packs and a couple of new inserts.

Best Autographed Sports Memorabilia to Buy

A few tips on finding the best sports memorabilia on the market and how to make the right decision about what to buy and how to display it.

1965 Topps Football Set is More Than Just Broadway Joe

Fifty years ago, Topps released big cards for a league that had big dreams. The 1965 Topps Football set has stars, single prints and…that Namath guy.

2015 Fall Philly Show Set for Late September

One of the hobby’s longest running shows returns to the Philadelphia area September 26-28.