Casting Call: New Film Seeks Dealers

A new film starring Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda and Virginia Madsen is about to begin production. All they need are baseball card dealers with inventory. Get your agent on the phone.

The novel "Diminished Capacity" hits the big screen next year when Sherwood Kiraly’s book is transformed into a movie with a fictional baseball card show as one of its primary backdrops.

The film will commence shooting in a few weeks in New York and Chicago. Maggie Engelhardt, Production Supervisor for the Plum Pictures undertaking, tells they are seeking at least 30 dealers to man ‘tables’ on the New York set.

"We are a low-budget film, but have a great cast," Engelhardt said.

Broderick stars as Cooper, a man who suffers memory loss after getting hit on the head. He heads for Missouri to find a permanent home for his senile old uncle Rollie, played by Alda. Funds are short and the only valuable possession Rollie has is a near mint condition Frank Schulte card from the early 20th century.

Cooper and his high school sweetheart (Madsen) then head for a memorabilia show in Chicago, concocting a scheme to sell the card but finding pitfalls along the way that make for what’s being described as a ‘bittersweet comedy’ .

"The sports memorabilia show we are staging is our major set and will be featured in about one-third of the film," Engelhardt said. "We are hoping to re-create the excitement and authenticity of real-life card shows, with tables stocked with thousands of cards and collectibles."

The card show scenes will be shot in New York, likely the weeks of June 4 and June 11.

"Most vendors would be asked to be on set for a few days of filming. In addition, we are also hoping to have a number of ‘core’ vendors who would stay with us for most of the two weeks and whose booths would be featured in smaller-scale scenes with our lead actors."

Those who commit will find motion pictures to be a memorable but sometimes lengthy ordeal. "We often shoot 12 hours a day," Engelhardt explained. "It’s a long process."

For those concerned about leaving their cards and memorabilia, Engelhardt insists the card show set will be secured and insured and they don’t expect dealers to bring exceptionally rare cards or memorabilia anyway.

Kiraly is writing the screenplay for his own novel. A long-time Cubs fan, he and others in the production are familiar with the sports card and memorabilia hobby. Terry Kinney, who starred in and also directed several episodes of "Oz," is the film’s director. "Diminished Capacity" is expected to be released sometime next year.