Cards to Kids is Teen’s Charitable Passion

He stood outside the gates to Wrigley Field on Saturday, doing a little collecting.  15-year-old Jon Makowiec wasn’t after autographs, though.  He was there to collect unwanted baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards for kids who could use a little pick me up.  Makowiec is the young man behind Cards for Kids, a philanthropic initiative he’s put together in the Chicago area.

With support from Bleachers, a local card shop, the New Trier high school student puts together little packs of cards to hand out to kids who are spending time at Children’s Memorial Hospital.  He’s also donating them to area Boys and Girls Clubs.

Since most of the recipients and their families can’t afford cards, it’s a nice little gift.  Makowiec also hopes that kids will use them in much the way we all did growing up–learning math skills without realizing it thanks to those stats on the back.  Memorization and learning how to take care of possessions are two other skills Makowiec says he hopes kids will learn as well.  It’s a great project and you can watch more about it below.

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