Cards, Guns Stolen in Texas Burglary

You might think putting your sports cards and memorabilia in a storage unit would be safe.  It’s locked, gated and there is supposed to be surveillance 24 hours a day.

It doesn’t always work that way.

At least not at one storage facility in Texas, where thousands of sports cards–and guns–were stolen by burglars who apparently knew who they were targeting.

“It makes me sick every time I think about it,” said Paula Downs.

She says $50,000 worth of property is gone, but it’s the cards that she misses most.  She inherited them from her father, who died of cancer late last year at age 64.

She was hoping to sell everything in a few years to help pay for her kids’ college education.

Looking at the video of what they didn’t take makes you wonder if the cards that were stolen were all that valuable, but it’s possible the thieves got away with the really good stuff.  Either way, it’s a crummy thing to have to go through.

WFAA in Dallas tells the sad tale: