Card Store Shootout; One Dead, One Wounded

A convicted felon picked the wrong store to attempt another armed robbery. Behind the counter of this card/comic/coin shop in suburban Chicago was Glen Soustek. He had a gun and wasn’t afraid to use it.

One man is dead and the card & comic shop owner he was apparently trying to rob was shot in the arm after an exchange of gunfire in Roselle, Illinois.

40 year-old Geoffrey Webb, who was convicted of armed robbery twelve years earlier, walked into the store carrying a black bag. Police reports say he jumped the counter, pointing his gun at owner Glen Soustak, sitting at his desk. Quick with the draw himself and a registered gun user, Soustak fired at the would-be robber, killing him while taking a bullet in the arm himself.

Police say it was a classic case of self-defense and aren’t pressing charges. Webb died at the scene after having been shot "several times".

The chilling story from the Chicago Sun-Times and more from the Arllington (IL) Daily-Herald.