Card Shop Got Boost from Super Bowl Ad

30 seconds of Super Bowl fame was enough to boost a Chicago card shop owner’s business.

Those who were waiting to see some cards…or at least a word or two about cards…were disappointed in Sunday’s Miller High Life "Little Guys" ad.

Featuring four small business owners, the spot included Tim Herron, the owner of Tim’s Baseball Card Shop in Chicago, who was selected to fly to Los Angeles and be a part of a 30-second ad on Super Bowl Sunday.

It was designed to be humorous but the general consensus is that Miller’s ad agency pretty much missed the mark. Other than flying the ‘little guys’ out to shoot the spot, the finished product seemed to indicate that the production budget wasn’t real big.

However…a free plug in front of millions of people is never a bad thing.

The ad is below and you can judge the merits for yourself.

However, the 25 year-old Herron is back in Chicago now and according to this piece airing on the Chicago affiliate of National Public Radio, getting a few seconds of brand recognition has been well worth it.