Card Company Predicts Obama Victory

Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton Upper Deck Presidential Predictor 'winner' card Hillary Clinton did not carry Upper Deck, which is handing the nomination to her Democratic rival in its latest card release. We’re guessing if she wasn’t crazy about the , she won’t be thrilled with this image either.

Update: Yes, there is an ‘error’ card.  But you already knew that.

While Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to duke it out for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Upper Deck Company is predicting a winner with the release of its “Presidential Predictor” parody cards. The company’s newest card depicts Hillary Clinton holding up Barack Obama in a victorious celebration. The setting for Upper Deck’s latest political parody was inspired by Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek hoisting up an elated Jonathan Papelbon following the final out of the 2007 Boston Red Sox World Series victory.

“This has been a challenging initiative because the race for the Democratic nomination has been so, so close over the last few months,” said Kerri Stockholm, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Marketing. “It was difficult to predict the winner just a few weeks ago, and even more difficult when we started. Ultimately, we wanted to depict both candidates emerging from a hard-fought race in a hopeful and positive manner.”

The insert card in question is just part of a second round of “Presidential Predictor” parody cards that Upper Deck originally launched in February. This second set of cards is randomly inserted in the company’s release. The cards, which hit store shelves in early June, will be inserted (on average) one in every six packs.

“The Presidential Predictor cards are both topical and objective,” said Stockholm. “With the momentum of the race changing almost every day, we wanted to wait as long as we could to represent the more likely scenario.”

Upper Deck said late Friday that it also produced a version of Obama lifting Clinton in case the New York senator made a miraculous comeback, and yes, it’s quite likely some of those "Dewey Defeats Truman" cards will be found in packs, creating yet another ‘error card’.

“We had the version of Obama lifting Clinton pulled as it became clear Barack would be the victor,” said Jason Masherah, Baseball Brand manager for Upper Deck. “Pulling these cards is a process done by hand so it is very possible some of these cards may make their way into packs. Those cards are considered an error version.”

Earlier this year, Upper Deck married the two hotbeds of debate – baseball and politics – by producing a “Presidential Predictor” eight-card set. The illustrated parodies showed several of the top candidates in rare form by tying each of them to a pivotal moment or personality from baseball history. Notable names in the first round of “Presidential Predictor” cards included Obama, John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson.

Collectors who pull any of the Presidential Predictor cards from packs will have the opportunity to win a trip for two to throw out the “presidential” first pitch at an official Major League Baseball game during the 2009 season.