Card Collector Says Payment Frozen By Dealer’s Crime

Tampa Bay Rays’ fan and collector Joe Lalley is a single father of two who says he really didn’t want to sell part of his collection but he needed cash.

A St. Petersburg, Fla., card shop called Sportsmasters offered him $1200, paying him $400 cash and the rest via Paypal.  But when he tried to collect, Paypal said the account that sent him the money had been frozen.


Mark Schreiber

It’s reportedly all because the shop owner stands accused of grand theft.

Multi-millionaire fitness expert Tony Little, famous for hawking home workout equipment on late night TV and online, says Mark Schreiber was his accountant in addition to running the card store.  Little and his attorney say Schreiber embezzled almost $600,000 from him.

In fact, Schreiber was arrested last week and then released after posting $150,000 bond.

According to the St. Pete Times, Schreiber told police he had lost a lot of money wagering on horse races.

It gets better…or worse depending on your perspective.  WTSP-TV in Tampa tries to sort it all out.  Watch below: