Card collecting dead? Topps proves otherwise

Baseball card kingpin Topps is starting to make some money. The company reports sales have nearly doubled from this time last year. Of course, it helps when some of the competition is shut down.

Topps reported increased sales of over 100% in the first quarter of fiscal 2007.

Donruss, which had made popular baseball cards from 1981-2005, was bumped out by Major League Baseball to limit the saturation of the market. Some card dealers have complained, saying Donruss produced the better products, but the deal has obviously helped Topps, which now commands a bigger piece of the collector market.

Topps itself made changes for 2006. The company released it’s first series of standard baseball cards several weeks later this year and just released it’s second series in June, harkening back to an earlier time. The company’s popular "Heritage" series continued this year with the 1957-formatted issue hitting shelves this spring.

Topps appears ready to streamline the company even further after first reducing it’s operating expenses.