Canadian Mint Hopes to Score With Gretzy Coins

It may seem impossible, but Wayne Gretzky turned 50 years old this year.  At least he’s getting his own coins.

Wayne and Walter Grezky gold coinThe Canadian Mint’s tribute to Wayne and his hockey loving dad, Walter, features:  a 22-Karat gold coin featuring Gretzky sporting his famous number “99” with an engraved cameo of his father; a fine silver Wayne and Walter Gretzky coin with a number “99” hologram; and a gold-plated 25-cent coin of a full color bust of  Gretzky dressed in the famous blue and orange colors of the team he led to four Stanley Cup victories.


For many Canadians, the special bond between father and son has been epitomized by the legendary story of Wayne and Walter Gretzky.  From the first rink Walter Gretzky built for six year-old Wayne, to the years spent together sharing a passion for the game of hockey, the story of Wayne and Walter Gretzky shows that support, guidance and encouragement are among the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.

Today, #99  is applying the lessons he learned from his father to lead and inspire others after retiring as history’s most accomplished professional hockey player in 1999.  After Gretzky celebrated a 50th birthday and a half century companionship with his father earlier in 2011, the Mint says it’s honoring the legacy of Wayne and Walter Gretzky through three collector coins.  The first is a $200 22-Karat cold coin featuring a uniformed Wayne Box for Canadian Mint Gretzky coinGretzky blazing down the ice, sporting Canada’s maple leaf and his signature “99” on his jersey.  His iconic number is laser engraved on this coin, positioned beneath a cameo of his father.  Limited to a world-wide mintage of only 999 coins, the coin retails for $1,299.99 CAD.

This same design is captured on a $25 fine silver coin whose number “99” stands out in a hologram.  Limited to total mintage of 19,999 pieces, this coin retails for $99.99 CAD.

A portion of the sales of each Gretzky coin will be donated to the Wayne Gretzky Foundation, whose mission is to provide less 25-cent Gretzky colored coinfortunate youth with the opportunity to experience the sport of hockey.


The latest and most colorful Mint collector coin honoring Gretzky is a 25-cent face value, gold-plated coin featuring ‘The Great One” in the blue and orange colors of the team he led to four Stanley Cup victories in only five years.  This copper-plated steel coin, finished with a layer of gold, is packaged in a holder detailing his career statistics.  The 25-cent coin retails for $34.99 CAD and available while supplies last, .  A portion of the sales of this coin will also be donated to the Wayne Gretzky Foundation.