Cam Perron is the World’s Coolest Kid

Among teenagers, he’s not alone in his passion for baseball, baseball cards or autographs.  But there’s something a little different about Cam Perron.

The Arlington, Mass. high school student got interested in Negro League players four years ago when Topps included a tribute set in its packs.

He started writing to some of the long-forgotten players, which was fun.  But then he started hearing their stories.  Along with his signature, one former player included his phone number and wrote Cam with a question.

The 16-year-old kid got to work and found the answer.

Since then, he’s become the go-to guy for the Center for Negro League Baseball Research, putting players in touch with long-lost teammates and get this–even finding evidence of a player’s career that led to a major league pension he’d been denied for decades.

He’s quite a young man, profiled here in the Boston Globe.


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