California Man Gets Probation for Filing False Claim Over ‘Stolen’ Mantle Cards

The California man who pleaded guilty to filing a false insurance claim for $20,500 worth of Mickey Mantle cards he said were stolen won’t spend any time in jail.

According to the Tracy Press, former Tracy police officer Keith Hooks was sentenced to five years of probation earlier this week in San Joaquin County Superior Court and ordered to pay $7,713.96 in fines.

California Department of InsuranceHooks, 43, filed a homeowner’s insurance claim for what he told investigators was the theft of the vintage Mantle cards but the company became suspicious when Hooks gave inconsistent answers to investigators about how he acquired the cards, how much they cost and how he paid for them.   The California Department of Insurance began investigating the case in May of last year.

Keith Hooks

Keith Hooks

The investigation revealed that Hooks changed the purchase dates of the cards three times during the course of the claim. Investigators say he also changed his story regarding the details of the purchase including the identity of individuals that traveled with him during the purchase of the baseball cards.  He once claimed the cards were purchased at the Las Vegas Industry Summit but that event is an industry convention and not a traditional card show where items are bought and sold.

Department detectives determined on the two dates on which Hooks claimed he purchased the baseball cards in Las Vegas he was either on duty as a police officer for the City of Tracy or vacationing in South Lake Tahoe.

The California Department of Insurance says in one of Hooks’ previous homeowner’s claims filed in 2008, he reported the loss of over 100 baseball cards valued from $10 to $6,000 each and received a payout of over $14,000. In total, Hooks has received over $56,000 from five homeowner’s insurance claims filed due to the reported loss of personal property from theft.

Hooks resigned from the Tracy Police Department June 30.