Cal Gives Game Worn Jerseys Old College Try

Cal Golden Bears game worn jersey Think pro teams are the only ones who turn throwback uniforms into collectors items (and make a nice little chunk of change in the process)? Think again. Cal’s recent foray into a special football past has resulted in some serious bidding.

The University of California may not have quite the tradition of some college football powerhouses, but during the 1970s, the Bears were big-time, thanks in part to an inspirational quarterback.

To honor the memory of Joe Roth–and create a little excitement among players and fans– the school’s athletic program got together with Nike and ordered a lockerroom full of complete throwback uniforms they wore in the USC game earlier this season.

Now, the game-worn uniforms–jerseys, pants and helmets– are being sold on the school’s website. There’s a charitible side to the whole thing.

The story of how it all came together is a little more complicated than you might think.