Buyers, Dealers Turn Out for U.S. Open Auction

Some aces…some misses… at the vintage tennis memorabilia auction at the U.S. Open.

Some stuff went cheap enough for bidders to think they could turn a profit on eBay. Others went to collectors who were looking for bargains. Some didn’t sell at all.

The first major auction of tennis memorabilia took place as the U.S. Open was winding down in New York over the weekend.

The weather may have kept some potential bidders on the sidelines, but those who showed up had a chance to bid on items that once belonged to some of the most famous players in the game’s history.

Tennis has a history that dates back longer than some of the more widely followed pro sports, and the collectors items aren’t nearly as expensive.

Conducted over parts of two days, it was conducted by Guernsey’s. Bloomberg has more on what items sold–and what didn’t.