Busting a 1957-58 Topps Hockey Pack

A 52 year-old pack of hockey cards was opened like a time capsule at a recent sports card show. Steady hands and a prayer were required. A good sense of humor helped.

The packs are pretty and some are rare but sometimes the lure is irresistible.

Opening an old pack of sports cards is like catching a really old fish. You feel a little guilty for being the one to take something that has managed to stay in its original habitat for decades.

But opening really old packs is among the most fun any collector can have. Is there a chance to hit the jackpot? Chances are you’ll be disappointed, but sometimes you just want something more exciting than a scratch-off ticket.

Join some collectors and dealers who watched a man open up a 1957-58 Topps hockey pack at last weekend’s Toronto Sportscard Expo. The results? Sort of a good news/bad news situation: