Burglars Nabbed in Sports Memorabilia Heist

A trio of alleged crooks was arrested in New Jersey after a tip led police to a Pennsylvania pawn shop where the stolen goods were ready for an eBay launch. A barking dog eats a whole pie as part of this story. Honest.

Part of a $40,000 collection of sports memorabilia and other goodies has been recovered and the alleged perpetrators arrested after tips to New Jersey detectives paid off.

The collectibles were stolen from a Staten Avenue home in Berkeley on January 15, police said. Some of the items taken included an autographed boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali worth $500; a 1951 Ted Williams baseball card worth $800, diamond jewelry and a handgun, said Berkeley Detective Sgt. James Smith.

Three people were arrested including a cradle-robbing 26 year-old man and his 18 year-old girlfriend.

Police on Wednesday were working on recovering many of the items from a pawn shop in Pennsylvania where they were taken to be auctioned on eBay, Smith told the Asbury Park Press.

The homeowner has a yellow Labrador Retriever and when the burglars went into the house, the dog was in a cage and was barking, police said.

Smith told the paper "The burglars fed the dog a pie," adding he was not able to determine what kind of pie. "They fed it a pie, I guess, to shut it up."