Buffalo Hosts Sports Memorabilia Party

The Yankees’ in-state colleagues are selling seats from the former home of the Buffalo Sabres & Braves at a two-day celebration that might include a card show.


Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium won’t invoke quite the national day of mourning assigned to Yankee Stadium, but the old arena holds some special memories for fans in that part of New York state.

It also still holds some seats–a bit worn maybe but still usable as collector’s items. The city has reached a deal to auction the seats and some other arena memorabilia and announced Wednesday they’d be holding a civic celebration around the event. No armed security guards here–they’re just glad to have found a way to put some bucks in the city coffers.

Showcase Sports Marketing won the contract to hold the auction and they’re also part of plans to let local dealers show off their own Aud memorabilia. According to the Buffalo News, a sports memorabilia show might be part of the two-day affair.

Local TV stations featured coverage on their newscasts, including WKBW, which included some classic footage of the old barn.



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