Brooks Robinson: From Hospital to Autograph Table

34 years after he hung up his third baseman’s spikes for good, Brooks Robinson remains one of the most popular Baltimore Orioles of all-time.   By now, you’d think the affable Hall of Famer would have signed an autograph for every O’s fan who wanted one.   Not so.

Autographed picture Brooks RobinsonRobinson, 73, was one of the featured guests at the Charm City Heroes sports card show in Pikeville, Md., over the weekend.

It was his first time in public since he had to hustle to the hospital with an infection earlier this month.

He still wasn’t 100%, but you’d never have guessed it from his interaction with fans, who lined up to get autographs from the man they called “The Human Vacuum Cleaner”, along with other Baltimore stars like Cal Ripken Jr., Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver, Eddie Murray, Frank Robinson, Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and Michael Oher.

Brooks stopped for a chat about the fans who overwhelmed him with good wishes during his hospital stay: