Brewers, Hoffman Release 600 Saves Memorabilia

The Milwaukee Brewers are releasing a series of limited edition “600 Saves” Lithographs to honor Trevor Hoffman.

Trevor HoffmanThe 42-year-old reliever became the first pitcher to reach 600 career saves when he polished off a Brewers’ victory over the St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday night.

The lithos are being produced and will be available for purchase in the Brewers’ team store later this week. Fewer than 150 will be available to the public, and the lithograph is the same artwork that was presented to Hoffman by the Brewers to recognize the 600th save.

The painting was created by noted artist Janet Olney.

Among the options available to collectors:

– 51 copies (representing his uniform number) have been autographed and numbered by Trevor Hoffman (unframed are $250 each; framed are $500).

– 60 additional prints are not autographed and unframed ($25 each).

A small number of these Lithographs will also be available through the Auction section of

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all of the lithographs will support charities of  Hoffman’s choice.