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Bowman Prospect Challenge Marries Cards with Minor League Fantasy Baseball

Topps is using its Bowman line to introduce a fantasy baseball concept to its cards through the use of its now familiar online game cards inserted into packs.

The company will insert the code cards into three upcoming Bowman branded lines, tying minor league performances to prize giveaways.  The more card packs you open, the more chances you’ll have to build a team of top prospects and win better prizes.

The “Bowman Prospect Challenge” will offer monthly prizes including autographed cards from Bowman releases and a grand prize featuring autographs of Top Prospects, numbered to ten or less.

Here’s how it’ll work:

*Code card in packs allows collectors to enter a code on

*Each code entered will unlock 4 prospects.   Pick 1 of the 4 for your team.

*8 prospects complete a roster (additional prospects on bench)

Here is what you could win…

*10 Monthly winners will receive autographed cards.

*10 Grand Prizes winners of season-long competition receive autograph cards numbered to 10 or less.

*Random codes will unlock a special 5-card pack of Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Blue Wave Refractors and some packs will include autographs.

Code cards will be distributed at a rate of one in every six packs in the upcoming Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects set for release on November 28 as well as Bowman Sterling (12/19/12) and Bowman 2013 (5/1/13).

Click here to see Bowman Draft Pick and Prospects boxes and cases available on eBay.

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