Boughner Has Mixed Feelings About Enforcers Set

Canadian media can’t stop talking about the new In The Game Enforcers hockey card set due out next month.  It’s become a lightning rod for controversy because of the blood spatter theme that surrounds each card of the NHL’s former tough guys.  A couple have objected and the mother of a former NHL fight specialist who died recently was especially upset.

In The Game paid each player for the use of his autograph and many signed stickers that were applied to the cards.

Most major media outlets in Canada and a few in the U.S. have reported on the upcoming release of Enforcers, a victory in itself for In The Game, a successful, but relatively quiet maker of hockey cards that doesn’t have an NHL license.  7,000 boxes will sell out and both pre-sales of boxes and singles have already started showing up on eBay.

CBC in Windsor is the latest to cover the story.  Radio host Tony Doucette talked with Bob Boughner, who spent several years in the league and is now the coach of the Windsor Spitfires.

Boughner says he got “a couple grand” to sign for the product but was surprised when he saw the card design. He’s not demanding the removal of his card–and it’s probably too late for that anyway.  He also takes full responsibility, he says, for seeing his autograph surrounded by a rather shocking design.

Looking at the autographed cards, though, it’s hard to know how those who’ve spoken out against the cards could say they didn’t know about the blood-oriented graphics when they took pen in hand.

Listen to the interview and read the story here.