Book on Vintage Cracker Jack Cards in Planning Stages

Tom and Ellen Zappala, who produced a popular book on the players in the iconic T206 set last year, are working on the second volume of their three volume set, this one focused on the 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack card sets.

Like The T206 Collection:  The Players & Their Stories, the new book, entitled The Cracker Jack Collection:  Baseball’s Prized 1915 Cracker Jack Christy MathewsonPlayers, will be a coffee table type book.

It will also feature complete player narratives, images of the cards issued into Cracker Jack boxes, Cracker Jack memorabilia and a history of the product from its inception.

In addition, the authors say the book will feature a chapter discussing the immense appeal of the set nearly a century later, written by Joe Orlando, president of PSA.

In cooperation with Frito-Lay, owner of the Cracker Jack brand, The Cracker Jack Collection:  Baseball’s Prized Players is scheduled for release in the fall of 2013, in order to coincide with what will be the first set’s 100th anniversary in 2014.

The book will be published by Peter E. Randall.