Bonds’ Final Home Run Ball…Where Art Thou?

We know all about #756. What about the ball that could be the last ever belted by the Major Leagues’ current home run leader?

Barry Bonds’ indictment on perjury and obstruction of justice charges could spell the end of the 43 year-old’s baseball career.

Having been cut loose by the San Francisco Giants following the season, Bonds is a free agent who will likely see little demand for his services, even if he’s not occupied with a court case by next spring.

While fans scrambled to snare the record-tying and record-breaking 755th and 756th home runs, knowing they’d be worth a small fortune (they were), there was little commotion when Bonds smacked his 762nd on September 5th in Colorado. No one knew he would go the final 3 1/2 weeks of the season without hitting another. The ball Bonds hit off Ubaldo Jimenez landed in the left field seats at Coors Field, but it’s still unclear what happened to it.

No special effort was made to recover it and no one has come forth thus far claiming to own it. That could change now that it appears 762 may stand as the record.

Auction companies have said the $752,000 Mark Ecko paid for #756 would be surpassed should the final home run ball be authenticated and come up for sale.

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