Bonds’ 715 ball gets PR blitz

Wouldn't it be nice if eBay took your stuff to New York, did a major publicity campaign and put your starting bid confidently at $10,000?  If you'd caught Barry Bonds' 715th home run ball, they would have.

When Andrew Morbitzer stuck his hand out and caught Barry Bonds' 715th home run next to the concession stand beneath the outfield seats earlier this season, he knew his life was about to change.

Morbitzer's face and now-famous tale of catching the ball while waiting to buy peanuts and beer have made him a mini-celebrity.  Monday, the ball goes on display at Mickey Mantle's Restaurant in New York as eBay kicks off the 10-day auction with a major publicity blitz.

The minimum bid for the ball is $10,000 but estimates of what it might sell for are difficult considering Bonds' current issues with a government. 

eBay has set up a special web site devoted to the auction, which includes video of the game and Morbitzer's story of how it was caught.

Morbitzer had thought about keeping the ball but reality then set in and he and his wife decided they will use the auction proceeds to put a down payment on a home in the ultra-expensive Bay Area.  They also pledge to donate at least 10% to a charitable cause.