Bobble Heads Stay Crazy Hot in Southern California

If you thought the bobble head revival would be short lived, you are wrong.  Collectors of high end sports memorabilia may wave the wave of dismissal but bobble heads are a booming business.

Sandy Koufax bobble headVintage ‘nodders’ have increased in value but even those produced for stadium giveaways across North America have huge followings.  Nowhere, Vin Scully bobble headhowever, is the bobble head bigger than in Los Angeles.

One might think southern California would be too hip for such nonsense.  Again, one would be wrong.  In fact, the Dodgers will do ten…TEN…bobble head giveaways this year, continuing a tradition that has captured the fancy of fans and collectors for several years.  L.A. will honor everyone from Sandy Koufax to Don Sutton to Vin Scully to Matt Kemp to team owner Magic Johnson.

Get this…the Dodgers sell a ten-game bobble head ticket plan and it was one of the team’s best sellers in 2012.

So what gives?  The Daily Breeze went in search of answers and even found a local shop that specializes in bobble heads.