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Blog: Syracuse Will Put Strasburg in Card Set

Stephen Strasburg's fast-paced journey through the minor leagues is expected to continue this week when he's promoted from AA Harrisburg to AAA Syracuse.

The Washington Nationals' top draft pick is the most heralded pitching phenom in years and if you were wondering whether the Chiefs are shy about turning Strasburg as a big time cash cow, wonder no more.

The team has been selling Strasburg Nationals jerseys all year and revealed late last week that they haven't printed their 2010 baseball card set.   Even if the plan is for Strasburg to make only a couple of token appearances in Syracuse before his Major League debut, the Chiefs say he'll definitely be part of their set.  Any other Double-A call-up?  Not likely.  The Chiefs are fully aware of the demand from collectors around North America if they can get him into the set.

“His name is going to sell. Any opportunity we can, we’re going to try to take advantage if it,” said Mike Voutsinas the team's assistant general manager.

It's called striking while the iron is hot and this is one team that isn't into feigning indifference.


  1. Being based out of Chicago..remember the name Mark prior?? Don’t call this guy up to early and watch him melt or get injured by pitching in the big leagues to early. It’s amazing how popular his memorabilia already is.

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