Blog: No Bids on Buckner Ball, Hall & Smithsonian Treasures

World Series baseball 1986 BucknerFour days remain in the eBay listing for the Buckner ball but so far…no bids.  Owner Seth Swirsky put the ball Mookie Wilson hit past Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series on eBay with a $1 million minimum. He’d promised to turn over part of the proceeds to the Baseball Assistance Team (BAT).

The ball got some media attention when the auction was announced a couple of weeks ago, but it’s kind of died down since.  While other history-making balls have brought big money, not everyone may be in line with the seven figure price tag in the current economy, but there’s still time, I suppose.

You can follow the auction here.  It Tuesday at exactly 8:37 pm, Pacific Standard Time–the exact moment the ball went through Buckner’s legs 25 years earlier.


Before the World Series is over, a few valuable artifacts will be created.  A game-winning ball.  A home run bat.  Who knows what it’ll be.  The Baseball Hall of Fame will probably want some of them.  They’ve already got quite a collection.Baseball Hall of Fame

The Museum collections contain many artifacts documenting the entire history of World Series and postseason play including he first and last pitched baseballs from the original modern day World Series in 1903; Don Larsen’s cap and Yogi Berra’s mitt from Larsen’s1956 perfect game; Bill Mazeroski’s (1960) and Joe Carter’s (1993) bats from their Series-ending blasts…The gloves worn by Al Gionfriddo (1947), Willie Mays (1954) and Brooks Robinson (1970)…Babe Ruth’s bat from one of his two 3-HR games (1928) and the radio given to the 1940 Reds as the World Series share for winning…From the 2000 Subway Series: Derek Jeter’s helmet, Luis Sojo’s game-winning hit bat, Don Zimmer’s jersey and Mike Piazza’s batting helmet…The Temple Cup, presented to the top two NL teams from 1894-97, is in Cooperstown, as is the Hall Championship Cup, presented to the 1888 World Champion New York Baseball Club.


We’ve written about the 1914 Baltimore Sun Babe Ruth card many times over.  Some have been discovered and gone to auction.  Another resides on loan inside the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore.  The Associated Press stopped by to see it.