Black Friday Deals for Card Collectors

While bargain hunters hit the stores this Friday, fans of modern era sports card boxes have their own Black Friday specials.

Blowout Cards caught lightning in a bottle on Columbus Day when it offered its 1492 Promotion where certain boxes and cases were sold for $14.92. The company’s website received over 35,000 hits before the day was over. Then came the 09/09/09 Promotion where collectors were refreshing their screens by the second for some $1.99, $9.99, $99.99 and $999.99 deals. "With over 65,000 hits, it was clearly one of our most successful promotion. We knew we had found a way to give back to the collectors," said Blowout’s Thomas Fish.

This Friday, the site will be back with its Black Friday promotion. Free goodies including magazine subscriptions, supplies and other items will be available.

The first deals begin at 6 AM Eastern time and run until 4 PM Eastern time.

Here is the link to the thread which will be updated as Black Friday approaches.