Bills Boom Fueled Business Growth

They haven’t been playoff material for awhile, but the Buffalo Bills helped launch shops… and a generation of collectors .

It’s a two team town, one that wraps its arms around its franchises like few cities do.

More college town than pro mecca, Buffalo fans are passionate and loyal. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the area went extra crazy for Marv Levy’s Bills teams.

Led by a new influx of stars, the Bills dominated the AFC and helped a couple of new sports memorabilia businesses get off the ground and grow. Dave & Adam’s Card World and Bases Loaded Sports Collectibles have their share of loyal customers.

Even though the Bills are no longer reaching Super Bowls with regularity, the collectors have stuck around and the ventures have managed to become success stories.

Back in the day, sales in the playoff month of January almost matched Christmas. Those days are just a memory, but it hasn’t mattered according to this story in a local business journal.