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Big Georgia Burglary Nets Vintage Cards

Athens, Georgia police are investigating the burglary of a home that netted thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry and other valuables including several vintage baseball cards.

Police say it happened sometime between Saturday and Monday in an upscale neighborhood on the city's west side.

According to various media reports, the home belonged to an unmarried couple,  Jennifer Laura Raulerson and Steven Wheeler.  Raulersonn was in South Carolina visiting her boyfriend at a home he rented while doing carpentry work.   Many of the items stolen, including guitars, a laptop, electronic equipment,  power tools and the vintage cards, belonged to him.

Among the ten cards reported stolen were Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Nolan Ryan rookie cards.   Wheeler  had them valued at about $20,000.  The total value of items taken was over $116,000.

Entry to the house was gained by breaking a back window and unlocking a door.  A metal locker in a bedroom closet contained many of the valuable items taken.

The case received significant attention in the Georgia media.  So far, no arrests have been made.


  1. Bobby Brent says:

    I have a really interesting piece of sports history for University Georgia and Herschel Walker. I have the original Paining that was featured in the September 1981 National Championship and Heisman run Atlanta Magazine. The coolest part of the piece is the painting is painted backwards so that when it was copied to the cover of the magazine it came out the correct way. I may be interested in selling since Mr. Walker has gotten a lot of buzz recently with the MMA debut and dancing with the stars. I have an estimate of the worth that I have gathered from speaking to a couple appraisers but there is a HUGE range in the feedback I have gotten. Could you please give me your advice on the best avenue to sell it or an estimate of value

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