Big Changes for eBay Users

eBay has announced sweeping changes for everything from fees to feedback.

eBay rocked the online auction world Tuesday with some major changes that will impact virtually everyone who uses the site.

The company is lowering its listing fees to encourage more sellers to use eBay, but raising final value fees paid when items are sold. eBay says sellers prefer the new method because it lowers their risk if items do not sell. Adding pictures to the ‘gallery’, which puts them on the main search result and typically increases sales, is now free.

Sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, but eBay says it will step up its efforts to make life difficult for buyers who don’t explain why they don’t pay for an item.

The changes take effect in three weeks. eBay’s head honchos spelled out the entire plan in detail.

The Associated Press has what some might consider a more objective take.