As Bids Soar, Babe’s Grandson Talks About Watch

It’s not hard to find a Babe Ruth autograph for sale.  He signed so many of them over the last 30 years of his life that despite strong demand, there are always a few available.

Babe Ruth pocket watch Yankee Stadium 1948Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium 1948But there’s only one pocket watch from his farewell moment at Yankee Stadium.

The gold watch given to a dying Ruth that day in 1948 is up for auction having been consigned by his surviving family members.  The current high bid is $189,880.  With the 20% buyer’s premium factored in, the price of the watch is actually $227,856 with the auction not set to close until Saturday night.

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Ruth’s big league debut with the Boston Red Sox and it’s that factor that led the Ruth family to turn over one of the few remaining pieces of Babe-a-bilia in their possession.

Tom Stevens, Ruth’s grandson, spoke with ESPN about the decision to sell and about the high prices attained in recent years for original pieces from the Babe’s career.

SCP’s Dan Imler made a brief appearance on CNBC to discuss the watch, potential buyers and other items in the auction: