Bidding Tops $2 Million for Old Hockey Stick

The manager of Wayne Gretzky's restaurant holds the It’s billed as the "world’s oldest hockey stick" and it’s hard to argue considering it was slap-shotting 150 years ago. The stick got a lot of media coverage, especially in Canada with bidding already over the $2 million (US) minimum.

The world’s oldest hockey stick has been quite the sensation in Canada, where it’s been on tour and on display for the last few years. Now, however, the stick is on the auction block with proceeds going to charity.

Appraised at $4 million, eBay bidding began at $2 million and has passed that mark. Amazingly, the stick was in the family of the 19th century man who carved it.’s history of the game would indicate the game wasn’t really organized until a bit later but, like baseball, it was being played in some fashion.