Bidding for Bonds Home Run Balls Begins

Barry Bonds\' 756th home run ball Adam Hughes and Matt Murphy found out just how popular you can be when you have something every auction house in North America wants.

Tainted or not, the home run record now belongs to Barry Bonds and the baseballs he hit for home runs that established a new record are now collectors items.

To some it might seem crazy they’re worth anything, given the baggage attached to Bonds. Yet there are plenty of people out there–collectors, publicity seekers and others who are willing to pay well into six figures for pieces of history.

Bonds 755th and 756th home run balls have been consigned to SCP Auctions and today, the baseballs go live in the company’s latest auction. It marks the beginning of the end of a few weeks of notoriety for the two men who snared the balls and stand to profit from the sale.

Matt Murphy, who survived a scramble for #756, says he’s not sure how the memorabilia dealers found him in the hours immediately after he latched onto the ball.

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