Best Sports Memorabilia Finds of 2012

In the sports memorabilia industry, 2012 was the “Year of the Find”.  Difficult as it may be to believe, there were still collections of old baseball cards and other valuable stuff sitting in attics and closets around the country.

The greatest find wasn’t much of a contest.  Stacks of minty old cards from 1910 sitting in an Ohio attic for more than a century?  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Here’s a list of some of the most remarkable finds that made their way into the big sports memorabilia auction houses and onto our pages this year.  Not all of them set record prices and for the most part our list is in no particular order but all were great stories in one way or another.  Click the links to read about each of them.

1)  The Black Swamp Find

2) King Kelly Cabinet Card Found by Antique Picker

3) Two Joe Jackson Rookie Cards in the Southern Fairway Find

4) Scout’s Old Scrapbook Reveals White Sox Had Chance at Babe Ruth

5)  Old Farmhouse Surrenders Rare 19th Century Football Card

6) Baseball Treasure Walks into All-Star FanFest

7) Newly discovered 1961 Willie Mays Jersey on Antiques Roadshow

8) Only known M101-5 Promo Set Discovered, Consigned

9) Memory Lane Scores Enough Finds to Hold “The Find” Auction

10) Old Collection of Signed Baseballs From St. Louis Hotelier

11) Clemente Game Bat Sat in Attic for 50 Years