Best Sports Card Sets Get PSA Honors

Minty fresh and entombed, get a peek at some of the top sports card sets in the world as PSA hands out its annual Set Registry awards.

A 1968 Topps set that is closing in on having all 598 cards graded PSA 10.

A near mint 1912 Hassan Triple Folders set.

A mint 1957 Topps set.

Collectors who zero in on high grade baseball and other sports cards and have the resources to chase the best of the best are putting together some amazingly clean and rare sets.

PSA’s Set Registry catalogs the progress of those exhaustive collections and the company has just unveiled its 2009 Set Registry Awards that honor the best accumulations to date.

The list includes not just company sets but also themes like Pro Football Hall of Fame rookies and others accepted into the Registry, which now includes over 4500 sets.

Here’s a look at the Set and Collector Hall of Fames and some of the top sports card sets that have been honored this year.

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