Best Baseball DVDs, Books for Christmas

If someone wants to buy you a gift and you’re nervous about asking them to buy cards or autographed items, rest assured there’s an easier way.  The amount of great quality books and DVDs out there is phenomenal right now.  You can create a ‘wish list’ or …buy them for yourself (it’s a long winter).

Here’s a link to the top Baseball DVDson "Baseball" by Ken Burns, the Official World Series DVD Collection and the incredible When it Was a Game are all great choices if you’ve never seen them or if they’re still on that crappy VHS tape you used.

Over 1800 sports books have been released in the last 90 days. There are plenty of good reads here to keep you from being disappointed.  Bill Simmons’ basketball book is a hot seller.  So is the one by North Carolina coach Roy Williams.  And, of course, Baseball Treasures from the Library of Congress is one we’ve mentioned before that really appeals to collectors.  Look for Smithsonian Baseball too.  Another winner.  Collecting Sports Legends has an in-depth look at 500 of the top cards in our hobby’s history.