Beckett Unveiling Giant Graded Card Holder

Beckett hopes to find a market niche with its new super-size slab.

Sticking a standard or postcard-sized baseball card inside a holder has been standard operating procedure for grading and authentication companies.

But getting larger sized issues graded wasn’t quite as easy.

At the Premier Collectible Conference in April, Beckett’s Director of Grading Services, Mark Anderson, talked about the design for a new 9 1/2 x 13" slab. Now, the company is officially making it an option for collectors and dealers looking for better protection for the condition-sensitive oversize issues. The company will show off its creation at this week’s National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.

"I think people would be amazed at how much effort has gone into designing a case like this that actually works," saidAnderson.

Big baseball cards aren’t the only items the new holders could potentially house, however. The company spills some details on its website.

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