Beckett Adds Appraisal Service for Rare Sports Cards

Beckett Media is now offering an appraisal service for rare cards not shown in the company’s price guides—and it can be done online.  Paying for a Beckett Certified Appraisal means the Beckett Price Guide analysts will research various sales data and market trends to give values to cards such as those with low print runs, show exclusives or graded cards with a low population.

Beckett Certified Appraisal will analyze data to get what the company calls “a fair assessment of a card’s value”.

To take part in the service, customers do not need to send in their cards. You email images and choose either a one- or five-day service for up to five cards starting at $15. Customers will be sent a PDF file carrying the appraisal once the analysis is completed.

“We’ve been asked for years to provide a service that fills the gap for pricing of scarce, low print-run cards and high-end graded cards that carry low populations,” said Beckett Senior Market Analyst Dan Hitt. “These types of cards are usually beyond the scope of the Beckett Price Guides since they are too unique to price with our standard methodology. However, we have a decades worth of stored market sales data at our disposal to assist with valuations and this will enable us to accurately appraise even the rarest of sports cards.”

“Whether it be a 1/1 printing plate, a signed patch card of a superstar serial numbered to three, or a BGS Gem Mint 9.5 with a population of just two, we can now provide collectors with an appraisal valuation,” Hitt added.

To learn more about BCA, click on the link.