Bat Authenticator John Taube Profiled

Sometimes your passion can indeed become a business.  John Taube’s part time hobby became a full time interest in March 2002 when J.T. Sports became his profession.

Most serious hobbyists know that the New Jersey resident is a dealer and also the authenticator for PSA/DNA.

For those who aren’t in the know, it’s a pretty interesting subject.  Studying game-used bats, matching them to visual images from the past and deciding whether they’re the real deal is something Taube does every day.

He’s also going to be featured in the new “All Star Dealers” sports memorabilia-themed ‘reality show’ now airing on Discovery.

The Taube story was interesting enough for a local publication on the Jersey shore to stop by and find out what it was all about–and why the long-time student of sticks decided to go full-time.