Baseball Cards at Crime Scenes

A couple of disturbing cases of crime victims and their cards–one now a murder trial.

Jurors in North Carolina are hearing evidence in a two year-old murder case involving a man shot to death after being robbed of baseball cards and memorabilia.

Michael Ryan is on trial for killing 65 year-old David Farrar at his home outside Mt. Holly, North Carolina. Farrar’s body was found in March of 2007, with baseball cards and packing peanuts found nearby.

Police say Ryan and Wesley Adair shot Farrar and stole the items, as well as $200 in cash from his home in order to buy crack cocaine. Adair has already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a plea agreement that forces him to testify in Ryan’s trial.

The defense has a different story according to this story in the Gaston Gazette, which is covering the trial.

Meanwhile, a 75 year-old New Jersey man was tied up and robbed. Police aren’t saying what the thugs got away with but they are saying the man was a collector of cards and coins and that some of the latter were found outside the home.

The search continues for the perpetrators, according to WABC-TV.