Bankruptcy Leads Steelers Super Bowl Rings to eBay

It’s the sad end for two proud pieces of one man’s Steelers memorabilia.

You don’t have to be a player to get a Super Bowl ring, a World Series ring or an NBA championship ring. The Yankees ordered a few for Rudy Giuliani back in the day. Do something within the organization that makes you important and you might just be on the list.

One former Pittsburgh Steelers front office employee owned rings from Super Bowls IX and X, but has run into an unfortunate financial situation. They’ve now been ordered to be liquidated as part of bankruptcy proceedings against the unidentified owner.

Given that there have been fewer authentic Steeler Super Bowl rings on the market in the last 12 months than the famous baseball card picturing another Pittsburgh great, it’s no wonder the man in charge of the sale is sad for the owner, but pretty excited too.