Bad Trade: Family Member Swaps Williams Swag for Auto Repair

Collectors live in fear of the dog tearing up a valuable card.   A visitor dropping a drink on their autographed Babe Ruth photo.   A young family member selling off something for pennies on the dollar.

1958 Topps Ted WilliamsIn suburban Chicago, such a scenario actually played itself out  between Christmas and New Year’s.

A police report indicates that a 20-year-old man who was looking for ways to pay a car repair bill decided to sell a collection of Ted Williams memorabilia that belonged to dear old dad.

The auto shop bill?  Around $200.

The value of Teddy Ballgame memories?  About five grand.


There’s no word on exactly what made up the collection or who bought it but we can assume the owner was more than a little steamed.

According to WLS radio, police told the resident it was a civil matter.