Back From Show, Man’s Memorabilia Pilfered

An Ohio man who had just returned from a card show in the Cleveland area last Saturday afternoon had more than $6,000 worth of cards, jerseys, autographs and other items stolen from the trunk of his car, according to police in Solon.

Police say the man apparently made the mistake of keeping the trunk of his car open while he took his dog for a walk.

It happened in broad daylight between 3:15 and 3:38 p.m.., according to a police report.

The 62-year-old man had two tubs of memorabilia in his Cadillac and walked from his garage into the neighborhood when someone apparently walked off with the items, which haven’t specifically been identified by police

There was a witness–sort of.  The man’s wife said she saw a man, about 5’10 with dark hair walk up their driveway and go into the garage but according to a local media outlet, she “lost track of the man after that, but later left and drove around the neighborhood” looking for him.

A police dog was brought in but was unable to pick up a scent and the investigation is continuing.