Babe Ruth Signed Ball Heads Home; Williams’ Daughter Thrilled

Ball signed by Babe Ruth to Ted Williams You may have seen the baseball signed by Babe Ruth "To my pal, Ted Williams" in the recent Mastro auction catalog. Turns out the little piece of baseball history had been stolen from The Splinter’s house a long time ago. His daughter is thrilled the ball is coming home.

Not exactly a sentimental sort, even Ted Williams couldn’t resist getting Babe Ruth’s autograph when he was a young Major Leaguer. That personalized ball stayed in Williams’ possession for years, but was stolen during the 1980s.

The ball’s whereabouts remained a mystery until the curator of the Ted Williams Museum & Hitters Hall of Fame spotted it on the Mastro Auctions Inc.web site as the company prepared to accept bids in it’s current Premier auction. He got a court order to stop the sale of the ball but now Mastro has turned it over to the lawyer representing the Williams family. It would likely have sold for $40,000-50,000.

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and get the reaction from Claudia Williams, Ted’s daughter, in a Springfield, Illinois newspaper where a local law firm sprung into action once word of the ball’s discovery came down.