Babe Ruth Rookie Card Owner Lost…Then Found

They didn’t brag about it but those who knew something about baseball cards knew The Babe Ruth Museum had a pretty special display.

In 1998, a local man had donated a collection of 1914 Baltimore Orioles cards produced by the Baltimore Sun, including Babe Ruth’s only known minor league card–one most collectors now call his rookie card.

Babe Ruth rookie cardWhen the man passed away, his son, named Glenn Davis (apparently not the former major leaguer), agreed to continue the loan.

Now, though, the Museum realizes the value of the Ruth card is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Davis, it seemed, disappeared, despite the museum’s attempts to find him.

The Sun, still publishing nearly a century later,  offered a story late Monday on the history of the card and the search for Davis.

It didn’t take long to find him.

He’s alive and well and living in Delaware.  He says he’d just as soon leave the card where it is, but he’s also married according to the Sun’s update later in the day.  So there will be a decision made soon.  WJZ-TV also picked up the story and gave us a look at the card itself.