Babe Ruth Memorabilia Exhibit Draws Crowds at NSCC

A special exhibit of Babe Ruth autographs and memorabilia is among the first things collectors who enter the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention will see.

From a baseball signed by Ruth and mailed to a fan weeks before his death to a 1916 rookie card, the exhibit features 1916_M101-4_SN_Babe_Ruth_PSA_8_Front_Rookie_Serial#2935items from throughout Ruth’s career and life.

The items are inside glass cases at Memory Lane’s booth just inside the I-X Center and are on display during the hours of the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

The display also includes a rare panoramic photo of the 1915 Boston Red Sox featuring the young star, a 1927 Yankees payroll check, signed the day he hit his 60th home run, a signed magazine photo depicting his famous ‘called shot’ in the 1932 World Series, a photo signed by both Ruth and Lou Gehrig during a barnstorming tour, a 1942 War Bonds exhibition game baseball signed by Ruth and several other Hall of Famers and a photo personalized to a young Joe DiMaggio that shows Ruth in a suit and tie during an awards presentation at Yankee Stadium.

Learn more about the collection in the video below and in this preview story: